Wishes in a Bottle

Wishes & Dreams
Paranormal Romance Series
Book 1
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NEW RELEASE! January 15, 2019
My first new release in 18 years!!!


Long ago, Julian DiConti was caught in a powerful spell binding him to a Djinn bottle, forced to grant wishes to each owner of his bottle. Three wishes... of the right kind... could free Julian of his bonds, but after six hundred years, he is beginning to wonder if he will be trapped as a Djinn forever.


Enter Alessandra Taylor, good Samaritan extraordinaire. She’d gladly free Julian from the spell if she could, but he isn’t allowed to tell her how, and one by one she’s driven to use the precious wishes to help others. But where will that leave Julian, and the growing love between them?


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for Wishes in a Bottle 



Truck Stop

A charming contemporary romance, with a touch of suspense to keep you guessing!

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"Hey, kid..."

Teri Campbell is on the run, on a bus ride to nowhere. An unscheduled stop on the wind-blown plains of Wyoming leaves her at M&J's Truck Stop... and in the arms of Mike Gallagher, the young trucker who appoints himself her protector, who understands her as no one else could. But will her new life and her new-found love be enough when events take an unexpected turn? ...and can even Mike keep her safe from the past that threatens to reclaim her?

Available on Amazon as Kindle & Paperback

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Now also available as an audiobook,

narrated by Jay Dyess.
Available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes


Click here to see the marvellous mini-book trailer

created by Eeva Lancaster of The Book Khaleesi


Special Events & Discounts!

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SwanSong, the first book of my multicultural romance series, Sons of the Desert, is scheduled for release on March 4, 2019.


Click here  to read more about SwanSong.


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Another Raffle! This time for a set of 4 cork-back coasters with the cover of Wishes in a Bottle in a glossy finish. Enter as many times as you like through January 24th!


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