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Hi, I'm Allie McCormack.  Come on in and browse around! I used to be on LiveJournal, but now I do my blogging and general sharing on my Allie McCormack Facebook page ...feel free to friend me!

My first romance novel, Truck Stop, is available now on Amazon.com as paperback and also Kindle (be sure to get the 2nd Edition).  It received a four-star review from Romantic Times magazine, as well as great reviews/ratings from a number of romance review sites! 

I also have 4 finished manuscripts that will be following along soon: the first 2 of a 4-book Sheikh series, "Sons of the Desert," and the first two of a 3 (or possibly 4) book genie paranormal series, "Wishes & Dreams."


I participate almost every year in NaNoWriMo... or National Novel Writing Month, an online month-long challenge to write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. A truly amazing world-wise endeavour, very motivational, very fun! Visit Allie's Official NaNo webpage here for a synopsis and excerpts of my current Work in Progress. And... just for fun... read my NaNo 2008 Journal Entries as I beat the clock in 2008, finishing all 50,000 words in just 11 days!


     NEWS FLASH!    

Note: All these news flashes are pretty old, not because I haven't been writing but because I upgraded my PC and couldn't run FrontPage, which was the only web building software I knew, and the prospect of learning a new software loomed like an insurmountable obstacle for the better part of (counting) 8 years? sheesh. And now I find, webpage building has gotten lots easier since I first learned FrontPage, when it was a Big Deal just to have your own personal webpage, not to mention your own domain. So anyway, 2016, here we are! I left the below in, because they do mark significant milestones.
  • November 30, 2008: I am a WINNER at NaNo! yes, that's right, I finished over 50,000 words during the month of November! This is especially significant, since I did not even *begin* to write, until November 20th... long story, in my LiveJournal on that date. So... 50,000 words (or 200 pages) in 11 days! Ironically, despite all the planning I do, this is the only year I have ever won Nano!
  • August 21, 2004: I finished A GIFT OF JACINTH, my paranormal genie romance!!! Doing the Happy Dance!
  • July, 2003: I met the asst. editor at Silhouette who has "Swan Song" and "Castles in the Sand" for lunch in NY. She gave me a revision letter for "Castles in the Sand" and discussed changes she'd like to see on "Swan Song." She's also interested in my new WIP, "A Gift of Jacinth" and wants me to submit it when I finish it!
  • October 20, 2002: I finished revising DANCER into third person and renamed it SWAN SONG
  • August 10, 2002: I finished CASTLES IN THE SAND
  • March 7, 2002: The first paperback copies of "Truck Stop" arrived!  Visit our Celebration Dinner
  • February, 2002: TRUCK STOP received a FOUR STARS review from Romantic Times magazine!! OMG!!!
  • November 24, 2000: I finished DANCER
  • October 10, 2000: I finished TRUCK STOP
  • May 8, 2000: My fledgling manuscript "Truck Stop" won the Undiscovered Writer II Contest!!!!

Below are brief synopses of my four finished manuscripts, and other links




Check out my other Novels in Progress


This is just a kind of chatty section where I meander about the various stories and where I am on them

  • Wishes in a Bottle is actually the first in my Wishes & Dreams genie series, the second of which is A Gift of Jacinth. I'd started writing it, and Jacinth suddenly showed up, out of nowhere, in a scene in that book (at the time, the only one I'd planned to write), and was so charming and funny that she took up residence in my brain and refused to go away until I gave her her own novel... I had to give up writing Wishes, in order to write Jacinth's story first! Wishes in a Bottle is almost complete; it just needs some smoothing out of scene transitions and a final once-through.

  •  A delicious shapeshifter who shows up in Jacinth (a red tabby cat) then demanded her own story, A Cat For Troy.  This is under good way, almost 3/4ths of the way complete. Then I got inspired by someone (I can't say who, LOL) for another Jinn hero, and voila! I now have possibly four books, the third being Shadow & Light.  I came up with a title for the whole magical/paranormal series... "Wishes and Dreams."  Oh dear, it's just occurred to me that I need to give Jacinth's mother, Zayra, her own novel... after a thousand years of grieving for Omar, she deserves her own Happily Ever After, don't you think? hmmmmmmm... stay tuned!

  • Also in progress, but way down on the list, are the third and fourth of the "Sons of the Desert" novels, Michael's Quest and Firestorm

  • A contemporary romance, Into the Storm, set in Khobeira, a fictitious Middle Eastern sheikhdom. In fact.. the reason the Sons of the Desert books are on "hold" for after the genie series, is that I'm taking the stories out of Saudi Arabia and putting them in a fictitious country next to Khobeira, and tying the Sons of the Desert novels to this one, with this being a stand-alone. This is going to take some re-working, obviously, as I'll have to comb through both manuscripts, and figure how to work them into the new scenario and the events of Into the Storm.

  • Another shapeshifter novel set in medieval time, with a hero who is a dragon.  The Dragon Prince.

  • And .... last but not least... I'm about 2/3rds of the way done with my new, every exciting venture into the dark paranormal... a vampire romance, with a totally hot, totally ancient vampire as hero... When Darkness Falls.

I'm going to have to either write faster, or stop coming up with all these new story ideas! Ack!  And they all want to be written at once!

A Brief but Busy Bio
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and my ongoing wanna-be-published journal:
Diary of an Aspiring Novelist

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Here's an amusing little momento I brought back from Saudi Arabia in 1991... a little Saudi humor in regards to Desert Storm.  click on the picture to see it full-size.


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