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I'm a storyteller above all. I love happy endings, and that's what I write, stories full of rich color and emotion. Currently I'm working on two very different series: A paranormal series with Djinn and shapeshifters, set in upstate New York; and a multicultural romance series with Arab-American heroes and American heroines, set in coastal Southern California.


Grab a book and cuddle up for a fun read with a satisfying ending that'll leave you with warm fuzzies!



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New Release!


A Witch in Time

Release Date: May 28, 2024

Available NOW as eBook, paperback or hardbound

A Witch in  Time is the 6th book in the Magic of Wishes & Dreams paranormal romance series. About to be accused of witchcraft in 1692 Salem, Rebecca calls on an old family heirloom and is transported to the Hudson Valley in the 21st Century!


Wishes & Dreams is set in the Hudson Valley, about an hour north of Manhattan, and features Djinn (genies) and shapeshifters, with the occasional mythologic creature as bit characters.


Each book is a stand-alone, although due to recurring characters, it's recommended (but not necessary) to read them in order.


The series heat level is mild; there is lots of romance, but no explicit sex.

When Darkness Falls is a 16th Century Arabian Nights type tale (with vampires!), taking place in a fictitious desert city between the Saffavid Empire in Persia and the budding Mughal Empirer in India.



It has a Mild heat level, with one explicit love scene in Book III: The Prophecy.


When Darkness Falls is a trilogy, or serial romance; that is, one major story arc across three books.


The books are meant to be read in order, and books 1 & 2 have cliffhangers. Since this is Romance, there is, naturally, a happy ever after ending.

Sons of the Desert is set in the lovely coastal town of Santa Barbara, California. There are four planned books, one for each brother of the Al-Mansour family. Their father is Sheikh Rashid, a diplomat from Taqara, a fictitious middle Eastern county. Their mother is Elyse, a renowned American artist. The brothers have been raised in both worlds, East and West. Now each must make his choice.


Each book is a stand-alone, although due to recurring characters, it's recommended (but not necessary) to read them in order. The series heat level is medium; there are a few explicit love scenes, appropriate to the relationship development.

An Almost Marriage is a very short 2,250-word short story set in a mountainous city in medieval times.

There is no heat level; there is no romance, just a fun quandry for our heroine to escape from. 


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