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WMostly I write series, but I do have one stand-alone novel and one short story.


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Single Titles


Single Titles

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I'm a storyteller above all. I love happy endings, and that's what I write, stories full of rich color and emotion. Currently I'm working on two very different series: A paranormal series with Djinn and shapeshifters, set in upstate New York; and a multicultural romance series with Arab-American heroes and American heroines, set in coastal Southern California.


Grab a book and cuddle up for a fun read with a satisfying ending that'll leave you with warm fuzzies!


All my books are available as eBook, paperback, and hardcover!

Paperbacks and hardcovers are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Truck Stop is a charming New Adult Romance, set on the wind-blown plains of Wyoming.

Heat level is medium; there are a few explicit love scenes, appropriate to the relationship development.

Short Stories

An Almost Marriage is a very short 2,250-word short story set in a mountainous city in medieval times.

There is no heat level; there is no romance, just a fun quandry for our heroine to escape from.