A Gift of Jacinth

Wishes & Dreams Book #2

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The Story


He needed a miracle... what he got was a genie


Douglas McCandless needed a miracle to bring home his two kidnapped children... What he got was a genie. Cheerful and ebullient, Jacinth loves getting involved in the lives of people she’s helping. When Douglas, alarmed at the prospect of being reunited with his children after two long years, asks her to stay for awhile as their nanny, she jumps at the opportunity.


In no time at all Douglas’ life is turned completely upside down! He not only has his kids back but he has a beautiful genie who’s fond of 60's television shows living in his home, charming the socks off everyone she comes in contact with, including Douglas.


What with Jacinth’s oozing-sex-appeal Djinn mother languishing in his living room, appearances by a disapproving Djinn Prince and a supercilious cat shifter with a yen for spaghetti, his ex-wife trying to steal the kids again, and dealing with the lovable Jacinth’s Djinn-wrought havoc, Douglas’ life is spinning out of control. Strangely enough, that’s increasingly less important to him than expanding his little family to include Jacinth... if he can convince her to stay.