Castles in the Sand

Book 2: Bennett, the Patriot

A proud fighter pilot for the Taqara National Guard, Bennett Al Mansour's dreams shatter with the explosion of a landmine. In despair at his lack of response to therapy, his family sends him to Southern California to stay with his eldest brother, Khalid, who has settled there permanently with his new wife, Sarah.


Vibrant and dedicated, physical therapist Tanya Groves is determined to get the brooding Arab interested in living again. As he rebuilds his life and works with Tanya to get back on his feet, Bennett discovers a new passion. But will he have to choose between his love for his country and his love for the woman of his dreams?


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Sons of the Desert

MultiCultural Romance Series


Book 1. SwanSong (Khalid, the Scholar)

Book 2. Castles in the Sand (Bennett, the Patriot)


Coming in 2022:

Book 3. Michael's Quest (Michael, the Diplomat)

Book 4. FireStorm (Faisal, the Warrior)

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