Wishes & Dreams

Paranormal Romance Series

Awarded the Silver Medal (2nd Place!) in Paranormal Romance in the Readers Favorite 2021 Book Awards

Awarded 5 stars by Readers Favorite!

Veterinarian Troy Shelton has no idea what he's letting himself in for when he rescues a friend's cat from the shelter after a dog attack. The friendly but demanding calico soon has Troy and his pregnant collie wrapped around her furry paw. But strange things begin happening in Troy's home when he was away, and he could almost think someone else was living there besides him.

Torn and hurting, Katerina appreciates Troy's gentle care. She also appreciates his strong form and handsome face as much as the way he cuddles her. She's trapped in her cat form until her wounds heal, but once she's well again she finds herself oddly reluctant to resume her human form and life away from Troy. But someone else is interested in Troy, and that someone else has already tried to kill Cat once.


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Wishes & Dreams

Paranormal Romance Series

Enter the realm of the enchanted, the bespelled, the magical!


A 600-year-old spell-bound Mage from plague-struck Italy ~ A charming, playful Djinn ~ An imperious Djinn prince ~ A supercilious Maine Coon shapeshifter in mortal peril ~ A rare, coveted Caracal shifter


You'll find them all here, in Wishes & Dreams!

Book 1. Wishes in a Bottle

Book 2. A Gift of Jacinth

Book 3. A Cat For Troy

or buy all 3 eBooks in the

Wishes & Dreams Boxed eBook Set


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