A Witch in Time

Wishes & Dreams Book #6

Foxy Lady

Wishes & Dreams Book #6
Coming Fall 2022


All About Romance!


I'm a storyteller above all. I love happy endings, and that's what I write, stories full of rich color and emotion. Currently I'm working on two very different series: A paranormal series with Djinn and shapeshifters, set in upstate New York; and a multicultural romance series with Arab-American heroes and American heroines, set in coastal Southern California.


Grab a book and cuddle up for a fun read with a satisfying ending that'll leave you with warm fuzzies!


All my books are available as eBook, paperback, and hardcover!

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A Witch in Time is estimated to be released in Winter 2024,

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The Story

At the very brink of disaster, an old family heirloom leads Rebecca to the 21st Century... and the shapeshifter community in New York's Hudson Valley!


In 17th Century Salem, accusers are coming for Rebecca. Activating an old family heirloom, she is confronted by a startled, somewhat aghast young Djinn. Upon hearing of her plight, however, he whisks her away to his friend Jacinth in the 21st Century.


You’ll find your favorite recurring characters, Katerina and Troy, Naomi and Liam, Jacinth and Douglas, the Djinn Prince Kieran... the irrepressible Remi!


Heat Level: Mild (some sexual tension, no explicit sex)