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Romantic Times Magazine has rated "Truck Stop" (excellent)

"Teri Campbell is a 16-year-old runaway who ends up on a bus traveling through Rock Springs, Wyoming. When offered a place to stay and a job as a waitress, she jumps at the chance. Truck stop owners Marsha and Joe treat Teri like family and offer her a room in their home. And although Mike Angel, a handsome trucker, is kind, he still treats Teri like a little sister.

One night their relationship undergoes a transformation and Mike sees her as a young woman. Circumstances soon force Teri to move on as the threat of discovery by her father, Sam, looms closer. Mike is faced with the daunting task of protecting all he holds dear from Sam's evil clutches.

Ms. McCormack has penned a unique romance simply because the characters are not typically found in the romance genre. Teri and Mike lack the power and extreme wealth endemic to many heroes and heroines, adding a genuine feel to this read. Because they are able to overcome abusive backgrounds, their romance is even more poignant."
--- Sheri Melnick, Romantic Times magazine, February 2002

FIVE ROSES from Escape to Romance:

"I would recommend this book to all. Allie McCormack really did an outstanding job of telling the story of the life of a runaway and what courage and strength it takes to make it. She makes you believe that there is still some goodness in the world for the kids who the system has let down. I give a rating of five roses. This is a book that I will add to my keepers' list. The love scenes were done very tastefully. Ms. McCormack, keep up the good work."
--- Darlene Howard, Escape to Romance, March 2002

FIVE ROSES from A Romance Review:

Allie McCormack writes with a fast pace that keeps the reader engrossed in the plot. The story has a number of twists that keeps the reader guessing until the final outcome. This too doesn’t disappoint and is a complete surprise ending.

It was interesting to have the hero as a trucker. Mike only has one truck, not a fleet of them. This makes him different from the normal heroes in romance books, as he is not a rich tycoon, but an ordinary guy. But like Teri, he too has a past history that he has managed to come to terms with.

Secondary characters like the delightful Marsha and Joe are very necessary to the plot.  Then there is the massive Chuck, a huge trucker and wonderful friend to the couple. And of course, there’s the villain, Sam, who is not wasted at all in the story despite the fact that he is very nasty piece of work! There are a few light touches of humour as well as some great passion between Teri and Mike which makes for great romance reading!

This is the first time I have read a book by Allie McCormack, but I will be looking out for more of her books as I enjoyed this one so much.

--- Mary, A Romance Review, March 2002  (review will be on website April 1st)

" Truck Stop" was awarded FIVE ROSES from The Word on Romance:

TRUCK STOP is a heart touching look into the life of a runaway girl, her fears, her hopes and her determination to make a life for herself. Teri stands up for herself when the truckers attempt to flirt with her proving she has a strong will. Mike is the only one who can truly relate to all that Teri has been through. He is straight-forward and respected by everyone who knows him. Teri and Mike click instantly. Teri evolves into a confident young woman by the end of the story. The secondary characters of Joe and Marsha add depth and dimension to the story. The twists and turns the story takes will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ms. McCormack has penned an entertaining novel of coming of age and standing up for yourself and the courage that takes. I heartily recommend TRUCK STOP!
--- Carol Durfee,
The Word On Romance , January 2002 

FOUR STARS  from Romancing the Web:

Truck Stop is a sweet, romantic story. One that will leave a smile lingering on your face for the innocence of the young love the hero and heroine feel for each other, and a catch in your heart when they face their greatest trial, and their greatest danger.

The story was well written, and brings to mind the intensity of passion, and fierce determinations of youth. It takes the reader back to those wonderful years of a woman teetering on adulthood, innocent, yet wise in the ways of love as she confronts the man she knows she's destined for.

Four stars to Allie McCormack for a wonderfully endearing romance and characters very true to life.
--- Shadoe Simmons,
Romancing the Web , March 2002 

Fiction Addiction stated:

"Truck Stop by Allie McCormack is a heart-warming story of love and dark secrets of the past...  a wonderful reminder that love does conquer all and you grow stronger through all bad times.... This book would be enjoyed and appreciated by any fan of dramatic writing."
--- Laura Wright,
Fiction Addiction, March 2002

Rendezvous Magazine stated:

"A touching story of child abuse and the fears victims must live with."
--- Sharon Chafin,
Rendezvous, January, 2002

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