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Wishes in a Bottle

Book 1, Wishes & Dreams
Paranormal Romance Series
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~*~ Newest Reviews~*~


5 Stars!


Allie McCormack has hit her stride wish Wishes in a Bottle and has a promising future.


Having read "Truck Stop" several years ago, I was delighted to discover that Allie is back on the writing scene. "Wishes & Dreams" shows that she has grown as a writer and has produced a non-stop read. Her characters seem real and true-to-life, and her story line incorporates several life issues that hold the reader's attention. Allie shows that she has grown immensely during her sabbatical from writing and deserves to join the upper echelon of published and followed romance/paranormal authors. Laughing, crying or cringing at events, this story is an attention getter and you won't be able to put it down. I certainly couldn't. . . .


by Carolina Phillie on Amazon


~*~ By Rating ~*~


5 Stars!


After a long absence from the writing world, Allie McCormack is back with a new paranormal romance series: Wishes and Dreams. Wishes in a Bottle is book 1 (book 2 is on its way), with a sweet, selfless heroine and a hot Italian djinn (yup, there's a story there, but... SPOILERS!).


Julian has been living a not-quite-charmed life for 600 years after a spell went wrong. His last master was a cruel, selfish woman, who *could* have given just one wish to save a sick little boy. But when she makes her last wish out of spite and Julian is free again to continue his life, he breaks the rules to return to the dying boy's bedside. There, while offering what comfort he can to the boy and his mother, Julian meets Alessandra.


As the pair grows closer, drawn together by grief, they are pulled closer by common purposes. So when Julian is pulled back into his bottle and the rules that bound him for 600 are turned inside out, he's stunned to discover that Alessandra is his new master.

Wishes in a Bottle is a beautiful love story with warm-hearted characters (no overpowering male leads here). Tension and humor both run thick in the pages of this romance, and there are more to come!


by Jenn Bradshaw of Thrice Read Books on Amazon


5 Stars!


Allie McCormack casts a magic spell on us in her first book in a series titled, “Wishes in a Bottle.” Her world building in the seldom explored Arabian world mythology paints a rich mosaic in a contemporary world. The Djinn are as you would expect magical wish givers with Julian being a twist. The style of the story evokes strong emotions from heartbreaking to hilarious. McCormick has a way to tie you empathetically to her characters, each one crafted for a purpose. The romance between the two leads develops in a way that I was rooting for them early on and wondering how they could pull it off with everything that was going on. I enjoyed the pacing as we slip into their world and learn the rules of it.
I look forward to the next installments in this series “Wishes & Dreams.”


by Paul on Amazon


5 Stars!


"Wishes in a Bottle" by Allie McCormack is a heartwarming, emotional paranormal romance. Julian is sympathetic hero and the heroine, Alex, is appealing. Side characters have their own journeys (or the beginnings of them) but their stories don't overwhelm the main romance. Julian and Alex's love story exists in a web of other relationships, which is a realistic portrayal of how romantic love is part of other forms of caring. The magical element is excellently imagined and reaches a satisfying conclusion (keeping it vague to avoid spoilers). A wonderful book in with the real magic is the gift of compassion.


by Jenny Schwartz on Goodreads and Bookbub 


5 Stars!


“Wishes in a Bottle” by Allie McCormack is a story that has a bit of everything from romance to action, from mages to Djinn to shape shifters, and some of the most empathetic, true to life human characters I’ve read in a while. 

Allie McCormack has got her stuff together. Whether the scene is one of great sadness and loss, jubilant triumph, a scary nail biter, or erotic romance (no worries, nothing hardcore)—she hits the nail squarely on the head. It’s hard for me to admit this, macho guy that I am; but there are a couple of scenes in “Wishes in a Bottle” that literally induced misty eyes. Anyone who can bring out the emotional highs and lows of a reader has gone beyond simply “doing it right.” The story is not a thriller, though it is surely a page turner, and one you’ll not soon forget. Get it, read it, review it, and then go get another of the several books published by Allie McCormack—I will.


by Lex Allen on Goodreads


5 Stars!


Great use of fictional characters with real human lives


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Story brings together so much everyday family issues and mixes those with some interesting fictional characters like djinn, shapeshifters, and mages. Results are tragic, heartwarming, and even a bit funny. Keeps me interested and turning pages. I liked the Uncommon Threads philanthropic venture. Shows how much good sharing can do. Good work Allie McCormick! ;~)))


by LadyK Rose on Amazon


4 Stars!


Julian had been a magically gifted man who wanted to help. He cast a spell to try to help his family who were dying in horrible was. But the spell went haywire. He was than cursed to be a Djinn in a bottle and forced to grant three wished to every new owner of the bottle. After the three wishes he just goes on to the next owner. He has now been in the bottle for six hundred years and he has seen a lot of greed and selfishness. Julian is desperate to have the curse broken as he’d like a home, family and love. He has seen too much of the greed in people such as the last owner chose to have jewelry instead of saving a child’s life. Julian feels life can’t get any worse. Than he is called to a new owner and it is Alessandra. Julian and Alessandra are attracted to each other right after meeting. Alessandra spends her time between hospice care and working at a women’s shelter After hearing Julian’s story she wants to free Julian but has to figure out herself how to do it. Jullian can’t tell her. Once her wishes are used she will never see Julian again. But time is running out for them and they have fallen in love. Julian fears he will endure this torture of loving her forever and not being with her.

I really enjoyed this book. There were a few editing problems that needed to be fixed but that didn’t stop me from reading this book. I loved Julian and Alessandra together and how they interacted with each other even of they feel their love is doomed if alessandra doesn’t figure out how to break the curse. I chuckled at times and I choked up at times while reading this book. I did hate Julian’s family.* I really liked the plot and pace. Alessandra was such a ewarm, caring, giving person! I felt bad for all the bad things Julian had to see because of people's greed and selfishness. Especially when all he had wanted to do was help his family. I am going to see if u can find some more books written by this author as this was the first time a read a book of hers. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it. 


by Angel Hatfield on Goodreads

*Quick note from Allie: She means Alessandra's family... not Julian's! 


4 Stars!


A fun start to a series. I enjoyed the take on Djinn and the world built. It was a fun, feel-good romance that I enjoyed getting lost in. Looking forward to reading more in this series.


By Patricia Lynn on Goodreads


4 Stars!


When I saw the title of Wishes in a Bottle, it reminded me of the Genie in the lamb of Aladdin. As a Disney-fan, I was curious and requested the arc. Allie McCormack's story of Julian (in a bottle) has a bit of a twist, however. Julian has been cursed to be a genie (or Djinn) in a bottle for over six hundred years ago, because of a spell going haywire. As a human trapped in a bottle and forced to fulfill three wishes of it's owner, he has seen a lot of greed and selfishness. 

And not being able to do as you wish, not having a family and being trapped in a bottle for years has made Julian desperate. Because since he can't tell his master how to free him, he will probably never be free. Enter Alessandra, who meets Julian in the hospital while visiting her nearly dying nephew. Julian is instantly attracted to the strong woman, who devotes her life to making the life of others better. After so much greed and dishonesty, Julian is honored to meet her. 

But then, Julian is pulled back into his bottle. To be found by his new master: Alessandra. But how can she use her wishes to free Julian? Not eager to spend her wishes, she and Julian start to date and enjoy each others company. Because they know: once the three wishes are used, Alessandra will never see Julian again. While trying to figure out how to stay together, time is running out. Because when Alessandra must choose between someone dying and keeping her wishes, she uses her wishes without a doubt. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.


by Wendy on Goodreads


4 Stars!


This was a really enjoyable book to read. I would recommend to friends that like to read this type of genre.

Julian, a Mage with the use of Djinn magic & a heart of gold. Alessanda is strong & has one of the most altruistic hearts. Three wishes, a possibility of freedom & even love for Julian after six hundred years of being bound to the Djinn magic. 

I enjoyed the story & the interaction between the characters in this book. There were times I wanted to punch some characters & cry for others. My heart was so happy in the end for everyone.


by Caitlin R. on Amazon


3 Stars!


This book had a lot of heart jammed into a paranormal story with djinn and magic.

Julian started his life as a magically gifted man who only wanted to help people. When his magical wish went wrong, he ended up as a mage/Djinn hybrid, stuck tied to a bottle and granting people’s wishes until a predetermined endpoint. He’s unable to inform his “master” what would free him and is pretty sure his torture will never end. 

After a particularly nasty master refuses to save a child and instead wishes for jewelry, he feels like life cannot get any worse. Enter Alessandra – the most selfless woman alive. She splits her time between hospice care and working at a women’s shelter. She catches Julian’s eye, even when he is determined to avoid most human attachments.

These two had a really beautiful start of a romance when he is suddenly sucked back into his bottle, only to reappear as slave to Julian’s* wishes. Not nearly as hot as it sounds, they work through it, and they even get a HEA! Alessandra was, by far, the best part of this book. She was a wonderfully beautiful soul and was obviously destined to break his curse. You know what was the worst? Julian’s* family! Once you move beyond the horrible people in their family, the story was pretty enjoyable.


by Carrie on GoodReads

*Quick note from Allie: She means Alessandra's... not Julian's! 


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