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Truck Stop

A charming Contemporary Romance
with a touch of Suspense to keep you guessing!
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Available as Kindle & Paperback...

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5 Stars!


Incredibly moving love story...............


Truck Stop is the story of two incredibly strong young people damaged by their pasts but not letting those tragedies define them. Teri is a young woman running away from her abusive father when she happens upon three of the most amazing people that will forever impact her life. She meets Joe and Martha, the owners of a truck stop in Wyoming, who take her into their home, give her a job, and make her a part of their family. At the same time, she meets Mike, a trucker who recognizes in Teri a kindred spirit as he also ran away from his abusive father at a young age. The story and action take off from this point as Teri truly comes into herself under the loving attention of the people of this small Wyoming town and begins to develop a loving friendship and eventually maybe something more with Mike. Of course, the road to them falling in love was full of obstacles, but these two people completed each other in every way, and I felt privileged to watch their journey unfold.

As much as I loved the drama, romance and intrigue of the story, it is truly the amazing characters that make this book so moving. I live in a small western town myself, and I thought the author did a terrific job of portraying just what I love about the people of my hometown. The acceptance, kindness and compassion of the people in Teri and Mike's life left me with such a feeling of happiness that I want to listen to the book all over again. Combine that with the beautifully written love story between Mike and Teri, and all they go through to triumph in the end, and I can't imagine any listener not enjoying this audiobook as much as I did. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more by this talented author on Audible in the future.

Jay Dyess is a new narrator for me, and I thought that he did an excellent job with the narration. He has an incredibly smooth and pleasurable tone of voice, and he makes a great storyteller. He handles the male and female roles equally well, and he uses several native dialects with ease. Overall, his performance added that special touch to an already incredible audiobook.

I received a copy of this audiobook at my request in exchange for this honest review.


by Katie on Audible and Amazon


5 Stars!


Great story, with some surprises!

I really enjoyed this story.

I fell in love with the characters before chapter 2. The naration was great, bringing the story to life and giving each character a unique voice.

There were some love scenes in the book, but they were not pointless, there was a purpose to them.
The story kept me hooked from start to finish. I totally loved the ending and the surprises. I won’t say more, as i don’t want to spoil the book for anyone.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.


by Maria on Audible and Goodreads


5 Stars!


This will suck you in!


If you love a good story with some meat to it, look no further! Allie McCormick's Truck Stop is one you will want to listen to. Terri has runaway from an abusive situation to find home and a new family at a truck stop. She is young, but not too young to fall in love, and a constant driver that stops is one she has her eye on. Mike is a responsible man, product of a difficult childhood, but has a good head on his shoulders. When these two finally get together, will they find their happily ever after? I loved this story as it encompasses so many topics. Runaway teens, teen pregnancy and sexual abuse are topics many authors will not take on, but this story hits it right on the head. It's realistic and compassionate. It takes us through what a runaway teen may think and go through as well as the fear of being found. I loved the way this story unfolded, the warm and happy environment Terri found, and the suspense that came in the climax! It's a great listen and I hope to hear more from Allie!

This is my first listen by Jay Dyess, and I enjoyed him! He has a good pace, and his voices are distinguishable and pertinent to the character. I loved his voice for the dad, very charming and authoritative, couldn't have been more spot on! I will watch for more releases by him.


by Patricia on Audible, BookBub and Goodreads


~*~ BY RATING ~*~


5 Stars!


Great Story! Great Listen🎧 Amazing Twists & Drama!


This is a great, enjoyable story. It is original, well written and well told. The storylines are interesting and realistic, they captivated me from start to end. The characters are complex and well developed. I admired Teri, her strength and courage to get away from a bad situation and determination to make it on her own. I loved ‘Truck Stop’, loved how friendly the owners, Marsha and Joe, were and their willingness to extend themselves to help others. I also loved the camaraderie amongst the truckers and how they looked out for each other as well as the people at the Truck Stop, like their very own tight knit community. Mike is a regular at the Truck Stop, Teri crushed on him but he treated her like a kid sister. Eventually he opens his eyes and sees her as the woman she is. There was great chemistry between the two and I thought they were great for each other. A lot goes on in this book, there is plenty of drama, some suspense and great twists as well as romance. I was very happy with the way everything worked out and that justice was served. Allie McCormack thank you for this great and entertaining story and the emotional rollercoaster ride.

I listened to the Audible edition, Jay Dyess is a terrific narrator and voice performer. He brings the characters to life, gives each their own voice and personality. You can hear the emotions of the characters in his performance. He is an entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this great listen🎧


by Bette on Amazon, BookBub and Audible


5 Stars!


Ms. McCormack has established herself as a storyteller with this tender, bold telling of Terri's foray into life as a survivor of abuse and her budding romance with Mike. She has tackled the topics of teen pregnancy and child abuse with masterful skill, strong, well-developed characters and an engaging plot. Definitely worth the read!


by Sage Wolfsong/Thrice Read Books on Amazon


5 Stars!


Allie McCormrmac's tale of a young girl escaping abuse and finding love rides a wave of giddy happiness framed by tragic circumstances. She weaves an emotional tapestry that is a joy to read. Romance is light and joyful as a dark shadow of her young girl's past gives just the right amount of flavor to the telling.


by Paul on Goodreads


5 Stars!


Loved this story about runways and truckers. Mike and Teri were brought together by simular circumstances. Their love story was pure. I would like to read more about some of the other characters in story. Good first book by the author.


by Jackie Lennon on Goodreads


5 Stars!



Teri is on the run from her terrible father when she winds up in a truck stop in the middle of nowhere, Wyoming. She meets some amazing people who take her in and give her a job waiting tables in their restaurant. She winds up meeting Mike, a truck driver who was once a runaway himself.

Flash forward a year later, Teri falls head over heels for Mike, but he thinks of her in a younger sister kind of way. Eventually, the pair proclaim their feelings for each other in a passion filled night, but things take a drastic turn when Teri gets some unsettling news.

Will Teri and Mike overcome their obstacles and live happily ever after?

The Good:

This story was beautifully written. Allie has a wonderful way with words and describes things in such a way that the reader is immersed in the story. I was so entranced by the story that I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in one sitting and was left wanting more.

Teri and Mike’s love story was believable and so many people will be able to relate to it. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves a good romance novel or even a good suspense.

I typically don’t read true romance, so I enjoyed the suspense that Allie added to the story.

The Bad:

I honestly have nothing bad to say about the story. I loved every bit of it.


I highly recommend this novel to all readers over the age of seventeen. There are some explicit love-making scenes.

Favorite Quotes:

“Mike looked up looked up just as the girl was propelled through the door, the wind at her back a live force, determined to have one last chance at her before she reached safety.”

“Teri hefted her backpack to one shoulder, smiling at them both. It wasn’t much of a smile, the first one Marsha had seen from her yet, but it brightened her eyes, and lifted some of the strain from her waif’s face.”

“Joe looked away, clearing his throat to smother the chuckle that threatened; the child made it sound like she’d been invited through the gates of Heaven.”


by Holly H. on Amazon


5 Stars!


The writing in itself brings you into the story and the plot itself strays away from the usual in an erotic storyline and keeps you reading. Creative.. and not the usual. A true up and coming writer that understand the dynamics of the story and development and not just another copied plot that is over-used. Worth the read and waiting for more. 


by Bookseller on Amazon


5 Stars!


Great Storyline

I'm not a Romance, Happily Ever After kind of guy but I read a friend's copy of Truck Stop. The Romance parts were secondary, as far as I was concerned, to the story line. Allie has a way of drawing you into the story so you find yourself unable to put the book down. You get involved with the characters to the point that you HAVE to know what happens next. A good story well written that stands on it's own no matter the genre.


by Charles H. on Amazon


4 Stars!


A Page Turner


I'm not a romance fan in general but this book held me turning pages until I finished it. Ms. McCormack has given readers a coming-of-age tale of love, courage and perseverance in the face of very real challenges that makes it a great read. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. More!!!


by J.R. Webber on Amazon


4 Stars!


Very compelling story

Tracie Campbell was just sixteen years old but the look in her eyes would tell you that she was older in experience than she was in age. She had never had a real childhood. Her abusive father had stolen her youth and innocence from her. Tracie had no choice; she had to run.

And run she did; right into the warm arms of caring strangers who gave her something that her own father could never give her - love without strings, the chance to be free, unafraid of dark happenings behind closed doors.
Tracie had finally found a safe haven at M&J's Truck Stop in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The owners of the small truck stop, Marsha and Joe, took her in and gave her a home and a job.

And then there was Mike Gallagher, the big handsome trucker, who took her under his protective wing in a brotherly fashion. MikeAngel the truckers called him on the CB. To Tracie, he indeed looked like the Archangel Michael, come to earth in human form. He was the most handsome guy she had ever laid eyes on. And he treated her like a little sister, which was fine with her, as she trusted no man. But Mike seemed so very different in some way. Somehow she didn't think she wanted Mike to think of her as a sister.

Allie McCormack has created a very compelling story in TRUCK STOP. Not only does she give the reader a love story and a happy ending for a young lady who has suffered a lifetime of abuse but she has given us the majestic splendor of Wyoming too. What more can a reader ask for? TRUCK STOP by Allie McCormack has been added to my shelf of favorite books.


by Kristie Leigh Maguire on Amazon


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