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Book 1, Sons of the Desert
Multicultural Romance Series
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5 Stars


Loved This One!


Hands down, loved this hero's patient pursuit of his woman. Insta-lust to love is a favorite of mine, especially when the male lead just dives head first. Khalid is a great contrast of sexy dominant and refined academic. It's a slow burn to get to the steamy stuff, but worth the wait.


by Angela Lee on Amazon and Goodreads

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5 Stars


Spicy Romance!


Swan Song is a wonderfully creative, contemporary romance by Allie McCormack. It is book one in McCormack’s Sons of the Desert series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I can honestly say I have never read anything like it before. It had twists and turns that I didn’t expect. I fell in love with both the hero and the heroine. Arab Sheik Khalid Al Mansour is entranced by a belly dancer at a local Greek cafe. American Sarah Pendleton dances to forget her worries and her past. Khalid is the consummate gentleman. He is extremely likable and relatable. “Her earlier impression of black eyes and deeply tanned skin was right on target. He was an Arab, perhaps in his early thirties, although it was hard to tell. He had thick wavy black hair neatly trimmed, and heavy black brows over deep, darkest-of-dark-brown eyes flanked by high cheekbones, giving him the profile of an eagle, fierce and free.. His lips were full and sensual, though his mouth closed firmly, decisively. All in all it was a rugged, arrogant face; not young, but having a strange magnetism that was ageless.”

Ah yes, an ageless magnetism. That says it all about Khalid. Sarah has her deep seated fears and an identity that she is hiding. Can they ever get past their different cultures and Sarah’s fears? There are quite a few very steamy sex scenes. All in all it’s a great book ,and I will be sure to read more from McCormack. I was gifted a copy of this book.


by Suzannah on Amazon, Goodreads and BookBub 


5 Stars




This Book!! I love Sarah and Khalid! Their chemistry is off the charts! Sarah is so sweet and sincere and Khalid is such a beautiful alpha male! The story is well developed, the supporting characters add so much to the story too! I can't say enough about this book and this author! Her work is great!! I definitely recommend the book and this author! You will not be disappointed by this book!


by LucousReads on Amazon and Goodreads



5 Stars


Allie McCormack comes through again with the premier of her multicultural romance series, Sons of the Desert. Swansong is the story of Sarah and Khalid - a seemingly carefree dancer and the scholar-sheikh.


Sarah feels like an entirely different woman as she steps out onto the floor as Cassandra, when she performs as a belly dancer for the first time. Cassandra is the antithesis to Sarah's demure, shy personality, and the wild, sexy dancer has caught the eye of a wealthy Arab man.


Khalid knows, from the moment Cassandra catches his eye, that he must get to know the woman behind the veil, who captures the spirit of the music in her every move on the floor. But the woman eludes him, and when he finally manages to corner her and convince her to go to coffee with him, he discovers someone who can end his loneliness.


Sarah has secrets, though, and her upbringing has trained her well to play her cards close to the vest. Can they overcome her past to love all the way to forever?


Swansong is an adult, multicultural romance set in sunny Santa Barbara, California. Rich settings and beautifully rendered characters sit in a plot that will keep you turning page after page. This is book 1 in the series, and a fantastic addition to Allie McCormack's contemporary romance portfolio.


by Jenn Bradshaw of Thrice Read Books



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