Sons of the Desert

Multicultural Romance Series

Four brothers, raised in two worlds, East and West. Now, each must make his choice.


Their father is Sheikh Rashid Al Mansour, an Ambassador of Taqara, a small, oil-wealthy country in the Middle East. Their mother is the charming, vibrant Elyse, an independent American artist. Raised up in international settings according to their father's diplomatic postings, but always coming home to the Al Mansour estate in Taqara, the brothers Khalid, Faisal, Michael and Bennett are comfortable in any mileau. At some point, however, each comes to a crossroad in his life where he must choose where to settle down... and who to marry.


Book 1. SwanSong (Khalid, the Scholar)

Book 2. Castles in the Sand (Bennett, the Patriot)


Coming Soon:

Book 3. Michael's Quest (Michael, the Diplomat)

Book 4. FireStorm (Faisal, the Warrior) (coming soon)

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Coming Soon
Michael's Quest

Book 3: Michael, the Diplomat


Scheduled for release in late 2021


Envious of his brothers’ good fortune in finding love, Michael embarks on a search for the right woman to share his life with.  Taking advice from a women’s journal, however, lands him in hot water.  Frustrated, he fires off a seething letter to the editor, with unexpected results.


Book 3: Faisal, the Warrior


Scheduled for release Someday :)


He hadn't even known her name. Twelve years later they meet again, with the threat of war hanging once more over their heads.  This time, he wouldn’t let  her go.


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