Book Series


I have two series in progress, of which I plan to publish at least the first two books of each in 2019. These are each stand-alone books, but the reading order is given below. 


I also have a medieval fantasy/paranormal romance trilogy...
it's not technically a series; these are not stand-alone books, but one story arc over three books.


Wishes & Dreams
Paranormal Romance Series


Book 1. Wishes in a Bottle

Book 2. A Gift of Jacinth

Book 3. A Cat For Troy

Book 4. ShadowCat


Original Custom Artwork by Elymiart on DeviantArt

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Sons of the Desert
Multicultural Romance Series


Book 1. SwanSong

Book 2. Castles in the Sand

Book 3. Michael's Quest

Book 4.  FireStorm


When Darkness Falls
Medieval Paranormal Romance
~ Trilogy ~


Book 1. The Palace

Book 2. The Dark Lord

Book 3. The Prophecy


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